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Baby Shower Gift October 21, 2008

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Noah's Ark- Baby Style

Noah's Ark- baby style

 My family has a thing for Noah’s Ark. It’s probably because for several years, my grandpa built and painted small wooden arks and my grandpa sculpted and painted hundreds of pairs of animals and they sold them at craft shows. They were known as “Roger and Joan of Ark.” Each of their 5 kids now owns an ark as well… and my mom has a small Christmas tree that is completely devoted to Noah’s Ark ornaments. Because of this, when I saw the above album as part of a scrapbook kit in Hobby Lobby, I couldn’t  help but buy it for my cousin who’s baby is due within the next 2 months. I love to scrapbook, and have found that most people truly enjoy having/looking through scrapbooks (more so than plain albums) but many are too busy/too intimidated by getting started to ever make their own. Hence my idea for the perfect shower gift. I know a new mom won’t have that much (if any!) time to learn how to scrapbook so I did most of the work for her. I bought the album, complete with kit- matching/complementary papers, stickers, embellishments, etc. and have assembled it WITHOUT pictures. Then, I’m leaving post-it notes with instructions of where to journal (write captions) and what size photos will fit on each framing mat throughout the book. Now, all my cousin has to do, is take photos, trim them occasionally, glue them in where appropriate and write captions for them. It was a little bit of a challenge for me to scrap without photos  because usually my layouts/color scheme center around the photos I want to highlight. However, we know the baby is going to be a boy and having all of the matching papers and stickers helped a lot. (I have supplemented with some of my stash from home too… but only a little). I got faster and it turned out to be really fun!

I think this idea could also be applied to wedding gifts (use their wedding colors and that way, they can have a ready made scrapbook to fill with some snapshots from their wedding- and maybe won’t have to pay for a professional album- or at least, they’ll have some place to put all the pictures that YOU took at their wedding!), or birthdays too. (Make a mini album, themed for how old they’re turning- or, if you’re having a party, have the album match the theme). I’ve included photos of my layouts for your inspiration… I think the pages will look WAY better once they are filled with adorable pictures and handwritten notes from Mom to Son.

A place for that first picture and the baby announcement

A place for that first picture and the baby announcement

Sorry for the glare... it's still in it's sleeve.

Sorry for the glare...

This one is my favorite

This one is my favorite

GRRR… I just spent a long uploading every stinking page and now they’re gone! Plus the front page of this blog is all weird now… What’s the deal with that? I’ll try another post later and maybe it’ll fix itself!

Anyway, I still have a few more pages to make, but I like what I’ve done so far. I hope my cousin will too!

Aren’t baby things adorable? Make something for a baby in your life- it’s fun! 🙂




One Response to “Baby Shower Gift”

  1. Candy Says:

    I have been making scrapbooks as gifts for years and am just getting ready to create one for a friends wedding. I NEVER thought of adding the post-its and notes. What a fantastic idea, thanks! Candy

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